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Rob Ritchie has been elected a ‘Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)’ in recognition of his truly outstanding work in the fields of fracture and material science      
The Report from NomCom on: ‘The Approval and Election by the ICF Council for the ICF ExCo Committee for 2017 to 2021.’

Minutes and reports for Ex-Co and Council meetings in Rhodes

CEO/Treasurer Report 2016 (D M R Taplin)

ICF Medals 2017

ICF16 bids

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Founded by Professor T. Yokobori in 1965, the International Congress on Fracture (ICF) is today the premier international body for promotion of worldwide cooperation among scientists and engineers concerned with the mechanics and mechanisms of fracture, fatigue and strength of solids. Over the years, ICF has made considerable progress in providing an international forum for highlighting individual and national accomplishments in the overall field of fracture. The aims of the Congress are to foster research in the mechanics and phenomena of fracture, fatigue, and strength of materials for development of materials which are better failure-resistant than the conventional materials and development of design methods that are better failure-safe than the conventional ones; to promote international co-operation among scientists and engineers in the field, and integration of the many discipline involved in such research; and to provide means whereby results of such efforts may be publicly communicated.

2013-2017 ICF Executive Committee:

Founder President Emeritus Takeo Yokobori - Japan
President & ICF13 Executive Chair Shouwen Yu - China
Senior Vice-President, ICF14 Executive Chair
& President-Elect 2017-2021
Emmanuel Gdoutos - Greece
Vice-President & Nominations Committee
Chair 2013-2021
Robert Ritchie - USA
Vice-President Tong-Yi Zhang - Hongkong China
Director & ICF14 Industrial Programme Chair Dietmar Klingbeil - Germany
Director & ICF-WASI Website
Newsletter Chair/ECF21 Executive Chair
Francesco Iacoviello - Italy
Director & ICF14 Technical Programme Co-Chair
ESIS Secretary
James Marrow - UK
Director & ICF15 Executive Chair Ashok Saxena - India
Director & ICF Interquadrennials Chair Mimoun Elboujdaini - Oman
Secretary General Toshimitsu Yokobori - Japan
Chief Executive Officer/Treasurer/President Emeritus: David Taplin - Canada
Immediate Past President & Awards Committee Chair 2013-2021 Alberto Carpinteri - Italy