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The Congress shall award to appropriate individuals the grade of Honorary Fellow of the Congress, in recognition of work done by such individuals to further the objects described in Article 2 of ICF Statutes. Such Honorary Fellows shall be elected by the Council by the same procedure as that used for election of Officers.

A.S. Argon 1983
M.F. Ashby 1983
S. N Atluri 1993
B. Averbach* 1977
Leslie Banks-Sills 2005
G.I. Barenblatt 2009
B.A. Bilby 1981
A.J. Carlsson 1983
Alberto Carpinteri 2009
G.P. Cherapnov 1989
A.H. Cottrell 1984
Robert Dodds 2005
M. Elboujdaini 2009
David Embury 2009
Fazel Erdogan 2005
A.G. Evans* 1993
D. Francois 1983
E. Gdoutos 2009
W.W. Gerberich 2001
R.V. Goldstein 1993
K.C. Hwang 2001
A.K. Head* 1997
J.W. Hutchinson 1989
A. Ingraffea 2009
G.R. Irwin* 1981
T. Kanazawa* 1984
B.L. Karihaloo 2001
T. Kawasaki 1981
A. Kelly 2009
F. Kerkof 1984
Albert Kobayashi 2005
W.G. Knaus 1997
J. F. Knott 1984
A. Kochendorfer* 1977
Brian lawn 2005
H. Liebowitz* 1979
Y.-W. Mai 2001
F.A. McClintock* 1989
A. J. McEvily 2009
K.J. Miller* 1997
J. Nemec 1984
R.W. Nichols* 1977
P.C. Paris 1989
V.V. Panasyuk 1993
A. Pineau 1993
Y. Rabatnov 1984
K. Ravi-Chandar 2001
J.R. Rice 1981
R.O. Ritchie 1989
K.S. Salama 1993
J. L. Swedlow* 1989
G.C. Sih 1979
A. Saxena 2009
D.M.R. Taplin 1977
S.R. Valluri 1984
A.A. Wells* 1989
Gordon Williams 2005
M.L. Williams 1989
T. Yokobori 1977
Shouwen Yu 2005
Zheng Zhimin 1984
S.N. Zhurkov* 1986

* Deceased.