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ICF ExCo Minutes May 21, 2015
Anaheim, California, USA

ICF ExCo Minutes June 19 2013
Beijing China

ICF Council Meeting June 19 2013
Beijing China

ExCo Meeting February 28 2013
Rhodes Greece

ICF Website Meeting February 3, 2013
Torino, Italy

ICF-WASI Executive & Council Meetings at ICF13 June 17 2013
Beijing, China

Awards Committee Report ICF ExCo Meeting May 19, 2011
Anaheim, CA

MINUTES: ICF ExCo May 19, 2011
Anaheim USA

Notice of ICF ExCo & Agenda Mid-Quadrennium May 19, 2011
Anaheim USA

ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity ExCo Meeting

September 2, 2010

ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity ExCo Meeting: MINUTES

 September 1, 2010

ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity

August 29, 2010 
TU Dresden


July 16, 2009 
Ottawa Canada


July 14, 2009 
Ottawa Canada


July 13, 2009 
Ottawa Canada

ICF 12 - Report of the ICF Treasurer

July 13-17, 2009 
Ottawa Canada

ICF 11 EXCO MINUTES March 24, 2005
Turin, Italy

Turin, Italy

Minutes 2001 Hawaii USA December 5, 2001