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Joint Welcome by Takeo Yokobori, Alberto Carpinteri & David Taplin PDF Print E-mail
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Dear Colleagues,

On the launch of this exciting new website, ICF-WASI sends the very warmest greetings to our global community of scientists, technologists, engineers and others working in the very diverse and wide-ranging field of structural integrity. ICF was founded in 1969 at ICF2 in Brighton, England, by Professor Takeo Yokobori with origins at ICF1 in Sendai, Japan in 1965. The International Congress on Fracture (ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity) is today the premier international body for the promotion of industrial, experimental & theoretical research, education and worldwide cooperation among scientists and engineers concerned with the mechanics and mechanisms of fracture, fatigue and structural integrity & safe design of materials, components, structures, and systems.

Over the decades since 1965, ICF has made considerable progress in providing an international forum for fostering and highlighting individual, industrial and national accomplishments in the overall field of fracture and structural integrity in a wide range of disciplines beyond the traditional arenas – from Biomedical to Geophysics, from nano to mega scales, and from the physical to the holistic and systems modelling. This conveys what ICF means by the general term “Structural Integrity”.

The ICF brand is very well established and following key meetings in Sendai the source of ICF in October 2010 as illustrated above, ICF through changes to our Statutes & Bye-Laws since May 2011 is known also as “ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity”. This leading world recognition for some fifty years has been mainly accomplished through the series of Quadrennial Conferences but also through a series of Interquadrennial Conferences. Sharing diversity in scientific, technical, educational, social as well as historical aspects, creating thereby synergistic effects as essentially an “Academy”.

ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity is delighted to have recently signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s) with ASTM, JSSFM, CSTAM, DVM, CFRC, AFM, IGF, GGF and others developing thereby a springboard for creative collaboration of ICF: WASI in many countries.  We have established a prestigious series of Gold Medals honouring Takeo Yokobori, Alan Cottrell, George Irwin and Paul Paris and a Silver Medal honouring Constance Tipper - and other major Awards - for the encouragement and recognition of accomplishments in this field and we have created a community with a global reach in over 50 countries, ever expanding.

ICF13 will be a very special Quadrennial Conference in Beijing, China, in June 2013 as the First Quadrennial of this new era, under the chairmanship of Professor Shou-Wen Yu– and we have plans well developed for the Quadrennial, Interquadrennial and other events over the next decade in many countries and in a range of specialist areas including ICF14 in Rhodes, Greece via a Pan-European teamwork via especially Greece-England-Germany.

ICF: WASI is developing new strategies to meet the growing challenges for the next decade and beyond to provide enhanced safety, integrity and understandings as well as friendly co-operations for the common good globally in this critical field of Structural Integrity in its very widest sense. All documents, Minutes, Reports, Blogs are openly available as well as most importantly all the Proceedings and Research Papers from 1965 onwards, especially on our archival section of the new ICF: WASI website under development, and via the Quadrennial and Interquadrennial websites. We will welcome comprehensive dialogue and creative input from you through the ICF: WASI website.

Professor Takeo Yokobori, Founder-President Emeritus

Professor Alberto Carpinteri, ICF President 2009-2013

Professor David Taplin, President Emeritus & CEO-Treasurer

March 31 2012

WELCOME MESSAGE David Taplin & Ashok Saxena PDF Print E-mail
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Welcome to this exciting new ICF-WASI website. We applaud the immense efforts of Francesco Iacoviello, the Italian Group of Fracture, Susanne Bachofer of DVM, Germany as well as BitForm in creating this excellent website as the new foundation stone of the Academy "ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity". We have also been encouraged and gratified with the good response within our Academy and the Community at-large to our paper that was published on the historical foundations and future developments in the Proceedings of the ICF-WASI Interquadrennial Conference in Sendai in October 2010 (published on this website for reference and in the Journal of Strength, Fracture & Complexity 2011 - coupled with an historical paper by Paul Paris in an Open Forum section for further contributions from the community). 

Apart from the cornerstone of this Website there are several key identifying characteristics of ICF-WASI. One of these is the nature and structure of the Awards process.  



The ICF-WASI awards program is designed to recognize the pioneers in the interdisciplinary field of fracture who have contributed prolifically to the rich literature and have had profound technological and societal impact through their work. The names of Alan Cottrell, George Irwin, Takeo Yokobori and Paul Paris have been written into the permanent history of the field by naming gold medals after them. The winners of these medals are senior researchers recognized as pioneers in their field and are scientists from all over the world who have distinguished themselves. The Academicians are similarly scholars known for their rich contribution to the field of fracture research but have also served ICF-WASI. There are also other awards to recognize mid-career researchers through the Constance Tipper Silver Medal and young researchers through best paper awards set up at the quadrennial and interquadrennial conferences.

Another characteristic of ICF-WASI is a more closely defined management structure with the recognition of the de facto role of Treasurer as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reporting to an elected President and an elected Executive Committee of the ICF Council that includes representatives from 50+ participating nations. In a more structured manner than before, the Executive Committee members are assigned specific responsibility areas that include "Quadrennial Conference Oversight", "Development of Interquadrennial Conferences", "Awards", "Nominations Committee", "MoUs with National Fracture Societies & Sister Organisations", "Education Outreach & Courses". These activities are evolving in a dynamic fashion and are entirely consistent with highly visionary Statutes & Bye-Laws that have been in existence for over forty years and have only been fine-tuned from time to time as part of the normal evolutionary process.

The overall reach of ICF-WASI is developing strongly.  The challenges of increasingly complex systems and structures have made a comprehensive “Structural Integrity” approach more and more evident and essential. So over the decades since 1965, ICF has provided an international forum for fostering and highlighting individual, industrial and national accomplishments in a wide range of disciplines and beyond the traditional arenas – from nano to meso to mega scales, from the development of physics-based models to the holistic and systems modeling. We aim to concentrate on the demands of the future to find solutions for enhancing safety, reliability, durability and functionality of materials, components and systems. This can only be accomplished in interdisciplinary cooperation of basic research and industrial application, scientists and engineers united in this aim and challenging task. This involves diversity in scientific, technical, educational, social as well as historical aspects, creating thereby unique synergistic effects for the global common good.  This “Academy” has more than 40 years experience as a community with a global reach in over 50 countries, ever expanding. We look forward to a benchmark ICF13 June 16-21 2013 as a springboard for a decade of development in ICF-WASI towards ICF14 in Europe (Rhodes) in May 2017.

In conclusion, we are excited about the new directions within ICF-WASI and are confident that the recent evolutionary changes in its structure will enable it to play a lead role in structural integrity & fracture research and a wide range of related scientific, engineering, industrial and technological realms for several decades into the future.

David Taplin
President Emeritus

Ashok Saxena
Awards Chair

March 22 2012

Website introduction PDF Print E-mail

Dear Colleagues,

As Chair of the ICF-WASI Website Committee I am delighted to introduce this website with the members of the Website Committee as the now permanent home of ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity. The website committee comprises Francesco Iacoviello (Chair), Robert Ritchie, Susanne Bachofer, Thierry Palin- Luc, Tong-Yi Zhang, Xi-Qiao Feng, Liang Guo, Jesus Toribio, Paulo de Castro, Amadeo Manuello.

Since its creation in 1965 and its formal foundation in 1969 ICF has its spiritual & intellectual residence in Sendai, Japan, where the registered office is located at Tohoku University. Over the decades ICF became a vibrant community through the quadrennial conferences and the associated websites connected by innovative scientific contributions and increasing industrial challenges. It became natural that this global technological community required a place to share knowledge and a common memory with easy access, permanently, via a new and dedicated website. Moreover a place where the democratic processes of the association can be organized and well documented.

As in all constructions there has to be an initial idea in this case from Robert Ritchie of Berkeley. Then the idea has to be carried out through hard detailed work. ICF was again fortunate as the Italian Group on Fracture (IGF) under the aegis of Alberto Carpinteri & Francesco Iacoviello adopted this challenge and essentially created this website. Therefore our very special thanks go to IGF. Appreciations are conveyed also to DVM who via Susanne Bachofer supported the creation of this website. All this is created to evolve in order to face the future needs of our global community which will in the widest sense merge educational, scientific, industrial & societal demands under the aegis of ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity.

Accordingly this home of ICF has been built for all members of our global community. We invite all colleagues to come inside and look around - everything is prepared for your participation. There will be found information about the institutional life of ICF-WASI, its history and its activities, with slide-shows for the past events, various weblinks and a calendar for the upcoming events.

The core of the ICF-WASI website is the Proceedings Archive, with all the research publications ICF has produced since 1959. These can be consulted directly or via the search engine. A “Social” section is also available with a “Forum” and “Strategic History” sections. Some services are activated in a “beta” version and we will need all your support to improve them.

ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity welcomes you to this website and invites everyone to take part in by sending contributions, comments and notes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Francesco Iacoviello
ICF-WASI Webmaster & Website Chair