ICF Medals 2017


Active Members of the ICF Awards Committee 2013-2017 are: John Hutchinson, Yiu-Wing Mai, Yukitaka Murakami, Palle Ramarao, James Rice, Robert Ritchie, Alberto Carpinteri. The Winners of the ICF Medals received at least four votes over seven (simple majority), while each Committee Member could express up to three votes. On this basis, the Winners are:

  • Emmanuel Gdoutos and Toshimitsu Yokobori
    for the Yokobori Gold Medal

  • Michael Ashby
    for the Cottrell Gold Medal

  • Robert Goldstein
    for the Irwin Gold Medal

  • Ashok Saxena and Richard Herzberg
    for the Paris Gold Medal

  • Francesco Iacoviello and Sylvie Pommier
    for the Tipper Silver Medal

    Alberto Carpinteri, Chair