• Founder President :

    T. Yokobori (Japan)

  • President:

    Alberto Carpinteri (Italy)

  • Vice-Presidents:

    S.W. Yu (China) 
    Ashok Saxena (India) 
    M. ElBoujdaini (Canada)

  • Directors:

    E. Gdtoutos (Greece) 
    C. Volkert (Germany) 
    R. Goldstein (Russia) 
    T.Y. Zhang (China) 
    M.J. Hoffman (Australia)

  • Secretary-General:

    A.T. Yokobori, Jr (Japan)

  • Treasurer:

    D.M.R. Taplin (UK)

Final Awards Committee Report 2013

Executive Committee (2009 – 2013)

  • ICF‐13 Awards Report

    Respectfully submitted by

    Ashok Saxena, Chair

    On behalf of the ICF‐WASI Awards Committee

    September 22, 2012

2013 Takeo Yokobori Gold Medals:

Prof. P. Rama Rao (India) 
Prof. Yiu Wing Mai (Australia)
Prof. Teruo Kishi (Japan)

Previous Winner(s)

Prof. D.M.R. Taplin, UK (2009)

2013 Alan Cottrell Gold Medals:

Prof. John Knott (UK)          
Prof. Subra Suresh (USA)

Previous Winner(s)

Prof. Robert O. Ritchie, USA (2009)

2013 Constance Tipper Silver Medals:

Prof. Julia King (UK)
Prof. Diane Lados (USA)
Prof. Namrata Gundiah (India)

2013 Class of ICF‐WASI Academicians:

Prof. Claude Bathias (France)        
Prof. A.T. Yokobori (Japan)
Prof. S.D. Antolovich (USA)
Prof. T.Y. Zhang (China)
Prof. Wei Yang (China)

Previous Winner(s)

 See attached List in Appendix A

Emeritus Awards:

Dr. M. Kitagawa, Japan, Secretary General Emeritus    
Prof. Bhushan Karihaloo, UK, Vice President Emeritus

Previous Winner(s)

See attached list in Appendix B

Recommendations for the Future:

The awards committee is very pleased with the outcome of the process that led to an outstanding slate of award winners. The committee extends its heartiest congratulations to all the winners and hopes that all the winners will be able attend ICF13 to personally receive the awards. Going forward, some recommendations are provided in the spirit of continuous improvement of the process to ensure that the awards program becomes even more prestigious with time:

1. The Chair of the Awards Committee should be a Vice‐President or the most recent former President of the Academy to give the Program the importance it deserves. If necessary, a new Vice‐President position in the Ex‐Co should be created if the person
chosen for the position is not already a Vice‐President or the most recent former President of the Academy.

2. Currently, the synergy between the award winners and plenary/honor lectures depends only on chance. Opportunities are being missed to proactively attract the best people to become more involved with ICF quadrennials. A very strong participation of the Local Organizing Committee in the Awards Committee can be very beneficial in a number of ways and should be ensured in the future. It will be highly beneficial to finish the selection of the gold and silver medals approximately one year before the quadrennial conference so all gold medalists can be invited to deliver honor/plenary lectures and silver medalists can be invited as keynote lectures with sufficient time for them to make plans to attend the conference.

3. The management of the Awards Program should be made a part of the MOU between ICF‐WASI and the Local Organizing Committee.

4. Going forward, the committee should include as many previous award winners as possible. The members of the committee should be urged to be objective in their selection of winners with only considerations being given to (a) outstanding research contributions (b) outstanding service contributions to ICF and the Fracture Community and (c) geographical balance.

5. All committee members should themselves be very active in soliciting nominations of outstanding candidates for the medals.  

6. The Committee members were and should continue to be excluded from being candidates themselves for any medals.  

7. The Awards Committee functioned as an autonomous committee that reported to the Executive Committee. This function should be institutionalized by appropriate changes in the bye‐laws. If such autonomy can also be assured in the future, there should be no
reason to exclude the Academy Officers from being candidates for the awards. Since these awards are made every four years, it is not in the best interest of ICF‐WASI to exclude its officers from being candidates because (a) the pool of candidates will be depleted and (b) some prominent researchers may stay away from being involved in the Executive Committee so they are not automatically excluded from being candidates for awards.


Appendix A List of ICF‐WASI Academicians

  •  Class of 1977

    1. B. Averbach*   
    2. T. Yokobori     
    3. A. Kochendorfer*
    4. R.W. Nichols*
    5. D.M.R. Taplin

  • Class of 1979

    6. H. Liebowitz*    
    7. G.C. Sih      
    Class of 1981
    8. B.A. Bilby     
    9. J.R. Rice     
    10. G.R. Irwin*
    11. T. Kawasaki

  • Class of 1983

    12. A.S. Argon     
    13. M.F. Ashby     
    14. A.J. Carlsson     
    15. D. Francois     
    Class of 1984
    16. A.H. Cottrell     
    17. T. Kanazawa*   
    18. Y. Rabatnov     
    19. J. Nemec     
    20. Zheng Zhimin     
    21. J. F. Knott     
    22. S.R. Valluri     
    23. F. Kerkof

  • Class of 1986

    24. S.N. Zhurkov*

  • Class of 1989

    Class of 1989

    25. G.P. Cherapnov    
    26. A.A. Wells*
    27. J. L. Swedlow*
    28. F.A. McClintock*
    29. J.W. Hutchinson   
    30. P.C. Paris     
    31. R.O. Ritchie     
    32. M.L. Williams     
    Class of 1993
    33. R.V. Goldstein     
    34. A.G. Evans*
    35. S. N Atluri     
    36. V.V. Panasyuk     
    37. K.S. Salama     
    38. A. Pineau     
    Class of 1997
    39. A.K. Head*
    40. W.G. Knaus     
    41. K.J. Miller*

  • Class of 2001

    42. W.W. Gerberich    
    43. K.C. Hwang     
    44. K. Ravi‐Chandar    
    45. B.L. Karihaloo     
    46. Y.‐W. Mai   

  • Class of 2005

    47. Leslie Banks‐Sills   
    48. Gordon Williams   
    49. Robert Dodds     
    50. Fazel  Erdogan     
    51. Albert Kobayashi   
    52. Brian lawn     
    53. Shouwen Yu     

  • Class of 2009

    54. G.I. Barenblatt     
    55. Alberto Carpinteri
    56. M. Elboujdaini     
    57. David Embury      
    58. E. Gdoutos     
    59. A. Ingraffea     
    60. A. Kelly      
    61. A. J. McEvily     
    62. A. Saxena     

  • Class of 2011

    63. Dr. Masaki Kitagawa   
    64. Dr. Teruo Kishi

    51 living Academicians

List of Previous Emeritus Awards

  • President Emeritus

    1. Professor Takeo Yokobori
    2. Professor David M. R. Taplin
    3. Professor John Knott
    4. Professor Dominique Francois  
    5. Professor Palle Rama Rao  

  • Vice‐President Emeritus

    1. Professor Kamel Salama
    2. Professor V. Panaysyuk
    3. Professor Teruo  Kishi  
    4. Professor Robert Goldstein
    5. Professor Hwang Keh‐Chih

  • Secretary‐General Emeritus

    1. Dr. Tadashi Kawasaki