Dear ICF Colleagues

The ICF community understands that I am in a completely unique situation to make unifying recommendations on the team for the new era of ICF, as the only remaining active ICF Founding Council Member and through my continuous experience in leadership roles in ICF since 1969, assembling all the talents, for the Grand Challenges of ICF 2017-2029. It would be remiss of me as the retiring CEO-Treasurer 1985-2017 (indeed quite uncharacteristic in the context of the culture of ICF) not to take this task very seriously and transparently especially in view of the comprehensive Election Statements of the nominated candidates for ExCo 2017-2021 now widely distributed and uploaded to the ICF/ICF14 websites via the work of NomCo (led impartially by Rob Ritchie/Tony Kinloch). I have worked very closely indeed over very many years with all the major candidates and highly applaud their great enthusiasm for ICF in the common good of our world premier society.


Recommendations for ExCo 2017-2021:


ICF President: Emmanuel Gdoutos (Greece)

CEO-Treasurer: Ashok Saxena (USA) (2017-2029)

Secretary-General: Toshimitsu Yokobori (Japan)


Vice-President: Mimoun ElBoujdaini (Morocco)

Vice-President: Francesco Iaocoviello (Italy)

Vice-President: Ares Rosakis (USA)

Alternate: Chun Wang (Australia)

Director: Sylvie Pommier (France)

Director: Rhys Jones (Australia)

Director: Paulo Castro (Portugal/Iberia)

Director: Wei Zhou (Singapore)

Director: Peter Flewitt (UK)

Director: Bill Tyson (Canada)

Director: Xi-Qiao Feng (China)

Director: Raj Das (New Zealand)

Director: Abdel-Monem El-Bataghy (Egypt)

Director: Rob Ritchie (USA)

AwardCo Chair: Alberto Carpinteri (Italy)

Deputy AwardCo Chair: Robert McMeeking (USA)

NomCo Chair: Rob Ritchie (USA)

Deputy NomCo Chair: Tony Kinloch (UK)

Quadrennials Chair: David Taplin (Canada)

Deputy Quadrennials Chair: Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar (USA)

Interquadrennials Chair: Mimoun ElBoujdaini (Morocco)

Deputy Interquadrennials Chair: Leslie Banks-Sills (Israel)

Website/Newsletter Chair: Francesco Iacoviello Italy)

Deputy Website/Newsletter Chair: Tong-Yi Zhang

FinCo Chair: Ashok Saxena (USA)

Deputy FinCo Chair: Shouwen Yu (China)

ICF15 Executive Chair (Atlanta 2021): Ashok Saxena

ICF16: Bangalore or Melbourne (2025) - in accord with the global guideline rotation policy

ICF17: Berlin or Paris (2029) - in accord with the global guideline rotation policy.

My recommendations are for your consideration in the now three months prior to ICF14 and for diligent deliberations in ExCo on June 19 2017 and in Council on June 20 2017 in Rhodes, Greece. These are very important times for ICF facing new strategies for 2017-2029 and my goal in making these recommendations is to create harmony and unity, assembling all the talents towards friendly, democratic election by Council.

This document should please be uploaded to the ICFweb and ICF14 websites in accord with our policies of ongoing constructive open debate under the Statutes.

Warm Regards
CEO-Treasurer 1985-2017
President Emeritus
ICF Council 1969-2017